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Russian Government Scholarships


The Government of Russia renders an opportunity for foreign students to start or continue their education in russian higher education institutions. In order to assist foreign countries in training national employees, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation allocates public scholarships for the academic year 2012/2013 to allow foreign citizens and Russians living abroad to study at federal state higher professional education institutions at the expense of federal budget allocations in bachelor, specialist, master degree and post-graduate (aspitantura, internatura, ordinatura or doctorantura) programs as well as additional professional education programs (internship or professional development).

The sending party presents for each recommended candidate a set of documents based on which a decision is made by the interagency working group

The obligatory set of documents includes:

1. Primary application form of the candidate filled in the interactive mode in order to accelerate the preliminary processing procedure carried out by the hosting educational institutions.
2. Candidate's application form with a color photograph attached.
3. Copy of the passport (easy readable pages with basic data for issuing an invitation; passport must be valid at least 18 months after the start date of the entry visa for study purposes).
4. Copy of the birth certificate with translation into Russian.
5. Copy of medical certificate proving the absence of medical contradictions for study issued by an official health-care authority of the candidate's country of residence.
6. Copy of the medical certificate proving that the candidate does not have HIV and AIDS issued by an official health-care authority of the candidate's country of residence.
7. Copy of the document on education with transcript of the courses taken and the (final) examination notes (points) in them.

Hereby please consider the following.

For enrollment into bachelor or specialist degree programs a document on education needs to be provided that is recognized in the Russian Federation as state document on secondary (full) general education or on secondary vocational education. For enrollment into master degree programs a document needs to be provided that is recognized in the Russian Federation as a bachelor diploma (at least 4 years of study) or a specialist diploma (at least 5 years of study). For study in the post-graduate programs (aspirantura, internatura, ordinatura) a document needs to be provided that is recognized in the Russian Federation as a specialist diploma (at least 5 years) or a master diploma (at least 2 years after a 4-year bachelor study). Only persons having graduated from Russian higher educational institutions are admitted to study in ordinatura. To be enrolled for a doctorantura program a document on education needs to be provided that is recognized as certificate of the Russian Federation on the academic degree of a candidate of sciences.

8. For study in postgraduate education programs the candidate additionally needs to provide:

for aspirantura (internatura, ordinatura) programs - an essay on the topic of the future research in Russian (1-2 printed pages) and the list of scientific publications is relevant;

for doctorantura programs - an essay on the topic of the future research in Russian and the list of scientific publications. Advantage is given to candidates with higher notes (points) in the major subjects of the chosen program. The copies of all documents should have a duly certified translation into Russian.

The candidates' sets of documents are sent by the sending party to the Department for International Cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation by May 15, 2012 with an official cover letter of the national ministry or Russian embassy and the list of candidates.

The title of the program (speciality) chosen by the candidate and its reference number must be the same as given in the list of programs' titles. The study location (city and educational institution) is defined by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. The academic year in Russia begins on 1 September.

For candidates who do not speak Russian language courses of up to year are organized at the preparatory faculty (department).

The candidates arriving for study need to have their passport with them, original documents on education with transcripts, medical certifications and seven additional photographs (sized 4х6). It is also recommended to be adequately equipped (in accordance with Russia's climate conditions) and to have some initial financing to cover the expenses for living in Russia. The Russian side does not cover candidates' travel costs to the city of study and back to the home country.

The candidates cover the costs for organizing their transfer to the educational institution and the health insurance in the Russian Federation (the transfer costs at least $250 in dollar equivalent and the health insurance at least $250 per year).

According to the provisions of the Russian migration legislation, the candidate should arrive in the country not later than 20 days before the expiration date of his or her entry visa for study purposes.

Foreign students enrolled at higher educational institutions are provided with a monthly scholarship and a dormitory accommodation on the same conditions as the Russian students.

The hosting educational institutions are not responsible for ensuring a stay in Russia of foreign students' family members and other relatives.

The sending party should guarantee a timely return of its citizen (at the expense of the sending party) to the home country after the end of the study as well as in case of violation of the Russian legislation, finishing the study earlier than planned or in case of decease.


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