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Japanese Government Scholarships at Toyohashi University of Technology


Every year, Toyohashi University of Technology recommends several international students for Japanese government as its scholarship students.
We select excellent students based on their academic performance and official recommendation from their home university.

*If you are interested in Japanese government scholarship under the Embassy Recommendation, please contact Japanese Embassy in your country.

Please communicate with your prospective professor before applying.
You can search our faculty by checking Department Information, and Key Word Search.

Important notes:

As this scholarship program is based on the recommendation from our university;
1) Applicants must find his/her supervisor at Toyohashi Tech, and get their acceptance by his/herselfbefore applying.
Refer to: Department Information, and Key Word Search.
*Administration office does not introduce a supervisor to an applicant.
**It is very important to communicate with your supervisor before applying.
2) Please receive application forms from the supervisor after his/her acceptance is confirmed (You can download forms from this page).
3) Fill out the each forms and submit them to the supervisor.
4) We will not accept any application after the deadline.
5) There are two application deadlines. Application for the General Course is earlier than the other.
6) Application documents once we received cannot be returned.

1. Submission of Application (for Candidates)

Due date1: Scholarship Application for General Course: Tuesday 10 January 2012
*Please note that the university office is closed between 29 December and 3 January for new year holidays.
Due date 2: Scholarship Application for English Master's Course: Friday, 3 February 2012


*Send the applications by Email first and by international express mail afterwards (eg. EMS, DHL, FedEx) to your supervisor.
**Application forms must be submitted before the due date to International Affairs Division of the university through the supervisor.
***Those applicant wishes to confirm the application arrival, please ask about the application.
Application Submitted to:
Attn: Prof. **** (your prospective supervisor's name)
Department of **** (your prospective department of engineering) Toyohashi University of Technology
Tempaku, Toyohashi, Aichi,
441-8580, JAPAN

2. Eligibility:

1) A candidate who is officially recommended by his/her university according to the Exchange Agreement with Toyohashi Tech.
2) A candidate who is recommended by a president or a dean who has got involved in actual performances in our exchange program (universities of non-Exchange Agreement with Toyohashi Tech are included)
3) A candidate who is favorably recommended by a president of his/her university despite the no actual performance in our exchange programs only if the candidate is regarded as a prospective one to enhance the education and research.
4) A candidate who was born after 2nd of April, 1977.
*For details of eligibility, please check the MEXT Webpage.
5) A candidate whose average academic score of past two years is above 2.30, out of 3.00.
*The score is calculated based on JASSO's evaluation scale. For the detail of calculation, please check here (Excel File).
**All applicants should be in their home countries when applying. Students who are currently staying in Japan cannot apply for this scholarship.

3. Number of candidates we recommend

For General Course: 3 
*Awardees are able to apply for extension.
Japanese language intensive course is available to take before the degree course starts.

for Master's English Course: 10 including Twinning program students
*Scholarship duration is for 2 years only. No extension is accepted.

*These numbers above are NOT the numbers of successful awardees.
MEXT will select successful awardees from the candidates above.
*In the previous year, awardees of General Course is 1 out of 3 recommendations (from 5 applications),
and of Master's English Course are 10 out of 10 recommendations (from 15 applications).

4. Application Forms and submitting

A candidate should submit all necessary documents for application by e-mail and also by the international express mail to the supervisor (prospective supervisor).
Note: Before sending the documents, use Check sheet (No.13 of required documents) to make sure all the documents are completed to submit.

Time for Entrance:

General course students: October 2012 as a Research student
Awardees will go on to the Master's course in April/October 2013 or April 2014 after taking the entrance examination, or to the Doctoral course from April/October 2013, after taking the entrance examination.
Scholarship period can be extended under the certain conditions.
Master's English course: October 2012 as a Master's course student. This scholarship period is 2 years only. No extension is allowed. 

Required documents:

1. Application for Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship for 2012
[download 00application_both_side_printing.doc]
*Both side printing. No staple.
2. Filed of Study and Study Program
[Download 00study_plan.doc]
3. Transcript (academic record) issued by the university last attended.
4. Certificate of Graduation or Provisional Certificate of the university
(undergraduate or graduate school) or academic degree.
5. Proof of high performance or good achievement record
*Such as Certificate of Distinction, rank of academic record among the whole class, Grand Point Average (GPA) etc.
6. Family registration or Certificate of Citizenship issued in your home country.
7. Letter of Recommendation
*Issued by the dean of the department or person in higher position of the university attended. Contact detail of the writer must be clearly shown on the letter.
**It must be written with the attention to the President of Toyohashi University of Technology.We CANNOT accept the letter with "To Whom May It Concern."
***Applicants working now must get the letter from his/her supervisor of the company.
8. Abstract of the thesis for a degree or Academic dissertation
9. Certificates of your language proficiency
(TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or Japanese Language Proficiency Test, etc.)
10. 2 Passport sized photo (4.5 x 3.5 cm). One must be attached on the Application paper (No.1)
11. Photocopy of passport (Pages of the name and the picture of applicant only)
(If you have not got your own passport yet, you do not have to submit.)
12. Declaration sheet for MEXT Scholarship Application [Download 12declaration.xls]
13. Check list of documents for Japanese Government Scholarship [Download ms_check.xls]
*If you cannot open the form No.1 because of Japanese font, you may use this form instead.

Important notes for applicants:

1) As this program requires official recommendation from our university, Letter of Recommendation must be started with "To the President, Toyohashi University of Technology" or similar attention.We CANNOT accept the letter with "To whom may it concern."
 If you wish to apply for English Master's Course with MEXT Scholarship, you need to prepare both applications for this MEXT scholarship and Master's Course.

This means, two Recommendation letters are needed: one is for admission to Toyohashi Tech, and the other is for MEXT scholarship.)
3) Please send Emails to the supervisor with scanned data or PDF of all application before sending originals.
4) Email file should be smaller than 5MB. (If it is bigger than 5MB, please divide into two or more Emails.)
5) Application documents once we received cannot be returned.
6) No staple is needed. Do not staple the application documents.
7) We cannot answer to the inquiry about the rank of our recommendation list.
8) Certificates must be original, or officially attested.

5. Result

The university will select the candidates for the official recommendation to Japanese government by the end of February 2012 (General Course), and end of March 2012 (English Master's Course).
The final result from MEXT shall be noticed by the end of April 2012 (General Course), and June 2012(English Master's Course).
(But in the previous year, the final result was announced in the middle of July.)

6. Scholarship Conditions

1) Allowance
The amount of scholarship for 2011/2012 is not officially decided, but for 2010,
 Research Student: 152,000 yen, Master's Course Student: 154,000 yen, Doctoral Course Student: 155,000 yen.
2) Air tickets to/from Japan
MEXT will provide one way air ticket from the awardees' nearest international airport to Chubu/Nagoya airport.
Those awardees that complete their study within the scholarship period will be provided returning air ticket.
*Fees for domestic transportation, airport tax, travelers insurance and other special taxes need to be paid by the awardees.
3) Tuition and other academic fees
Evaluation fee, Admission fee, and Tuition of awardees are paid by Toyohashi University of Technology.
*Awardees need to pay for university's accident insurance, coop service fee, dormitory fees, textbook, and other fees other than above.

6. Schedule of selection for 2012

Schedule of selection for General Course
2011/Dec/2 Official announcement of application
2012/Jan/10Deadline for General Course Application
2012/02/29University's result of General Course is announced (and apply for MEXT)
2012/04/30Final result from MEXT (General Course)
2012/10/01General course student arrives at Toyohashi as a Research student
2013/04/01*Or they can start their degree course in April or October 2013, or April 2014.
Schedule for English Master's Course
2011/12/02Official announcement of application
2012/02/03Deadline of application for English Master's Course
2012/03/31University's result of English Master's course is announced (and apply for MEXT)
2012/06/30Final result from MEXT (English Master's Course)
2012/10/01English Master's course starts

*Supervisor in Toyohashi Tech will fill in the following documents.

*Applicants do not have to prepare these documents.
*本学の大学コードは 105012 です。
また、英語コースのプログラム番号は、06034 です。

For inquiries, please contact

International Affairs Division
Toyohashi University of Technology
1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tempaku-cho, Toyohashi
441-8580 Japan

TEL: +81-532-44-6577 / FAX: +81-532-44-6557

Please quote on your application when applying for this scholarship

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