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Master and PhD Scholarships in NLP, Mexico


The Natural Language Processing Laboratory of the Center for Computing Research (CIC) of the National Polytechnic Institute (NLP), Mexico City, Mexico, offers a limited number of scholarships to international students for earning Master or PhD degree in Computer Science (we have no undergrad level, sorry). After earning a Master degree, the students are encouraged to continue to the PhD degree, and the scholarship is extended accordingly.

Topics: all topics of natural language processing (NLP), computational linguistics, human language technologies and related topics. See our past publications for examples.

Amount of scholarship: Master 550 USD / month approx., PhD: 750 USD / month. Given the prices in Mexico City, this is quite enough for normal living (and renting a room).

Duration: Master: 2 years, PhD: 3 years, with possibility of extension.

Why study at CIC?

  • Certification: Our Master program is one of very few programs in Mexico certified by the Government as an international excellence program.
  • Elite: CIC is an elite research center, the leading national research center in Computer Science.
  • Future: Almost all of our PhD graduates are lecturers or researchers in good universities, some with post-doctorate degree. Most of them have achieved for their productivity an important certification of National Researcher of Mexico. Many of our Master graduates continue to study for PhD degree, some with us and some in Europe, e.g., in UK or France.
  • Quality: Many of our students received important awards; three of them received a Gold Medal from the hands of the President of the country.
  • Advisors: Our professors have excellent publication record, are academicians of the Mexican Academy of Science and National Researchers of Mexico of excellence levels 3 (highest) or 2 (second highest), and have also received important awards.

  • Funding: our students are provided funding for attending conferences (on the national territory and in some cases abroad), as well as for publishing in top journals that require payment.
  • Activities: Our students participate in organization of large international conferences such as CICLing or MICAI and help their advisors in other important activities, such as editing prestigious journals. Mexico has only two computer science journals certified by the Government for academic excellence: CyS and Polibits, and the Editors-in-Chief of both of them are professors of our Laboratory.
  • Ambience: We have an international team of professors and students. Our program has professors from and our NLP group has or had students from . Our professors are supervising or have supervised theses in .
  • Friendly atmosphere: our professors are helpful and our students are friendly; we all are good friends.
  • Freedom: Our students choose the topic they like; we will adapt to your interests. We are also liberal as to attending, days or exams, etc.
  • Tourism: Mexico is a very interesting and exotic country, rich in history, culture, and nature. Come to see something different from your home place!
  • Summer: in the middle of winter frosts in the North, you will enjoy sun and palms. Never cold and almost never too hot..
  • Really need more reasons? Come and find out for yourself.


  • Strong interest to NLP, self-motivation, independence in learning and research.
  • Absolute determination to finish the program: once admitted, you must finish the program and receive the degree.
  • Good knowledge of English: reading and writing in scientific and technical domain.
  • Programming skills are a big plus. Willing to learn Perl.
  • Willing to publish scientific papers in top journals. Willing to acquire writing and publication culture. For PhD, publication in ISI JCR-indexed journals is required for graduation.
  • Willing to participate in the activities of the Lab, such as organization of conferences, and in general willing to help is a plus.
  • For Master, willing to learn Spanish is required. Knowing Spanish in advance is not required but is a plus. For PhD, willing to learn Spanish is a plus, though is not strictly required.
  • For Master, finished undergrad degree is required. For PhD, finished Master degree is required.
  • Patience: applying for an international program may require considerable paperwork, including certified translations, etc.



  • Publications at important conferences or journals.
  • Honors degree.
  • Upon graduation, entering a PhD program, with us or in leading American or European universities.


  • Strong publication record in top journals.
  • Honors degree and other national and international awards.
  • Upon graduation, obtaining the title of National Researcher of Mexico or equivalent in your country.

Convinced. What's the next step?

Contact a professor who you prefer to have as advisor: Alexander Gelbukh, Grigori Sidorov, or Hiram Calvo (only one please). Please include:

  • CV with your complete publication record (if any) and skills (if any), among other data.
  • Motivation: why specifically do you want to come to CIC, what do you expect from it, and how do you plan your future after you graduate from it? For example, if you apply for Master, do you plan to continue to PhD or do you plan to work in industry?
  • Topic: do you have any specific idea for your thesis? If so, please give us some details.

If we consider you a strong candidate, we will tell you what to do next.

Please quote on your application when applying for this scholarship

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