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Turkey: 2012 Fellowships for International Students


Travel and research grants in the fields of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technological Sciences, Medical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities (*) will be awarded to highly qualified PhD students and young post-doctoral researchers to perform part of their research in Turkey.


1. Be a foreign citizen, non-Turkish citizen (people who have dual citizenship are not eligible)
2. Be accepted by one of the universities or research institutes in Turkey
3. Certify that he/she has sufficient command of language in which the research will be pursued
4. For PhD students: To be enrolled in a PhD program abroad
5. For post-doctoral researchers: not to be over the age of 35 as of application year
6. PhD degree with GPA minimum 3.50/4.00 for post-doctoral researchers who got their PhD degrees from Turkish universities


Maximum duration of this fellowship is 12 months.


Maximum living allowance for this fellowship is 2.250 TL/month. If it is approved by TÜBİTAK - Department of Science Fellowships and Grant Programmes (BİDEB) Evaluation and Support Commission, travel costs and health insurance may be partially covered.


1. Photocopy of birth certificate or personal information part of passport
2. Curriculum vitae and list of publications (if any)
3. Curriculum vitae and list of publications of the host scientists
4. BSc, MSc and PhD transcripts
5. A letter of acceptance from a Turkish university or a research institute
6. A letter confirming that the applicant has got a leave of absence from his/her home institution
7. Language adequacy certificate
8. Two recommendation letters
9. A detailed research plan explaining the aim, experience and background of the candidate on the proposed research
10. A brief report prepared by the host scientist in Turkey on the proposed research project(signed)
11. For PhD students: a document certifying that the applicant is registered as a PhD student abroad
12. For post-doctoral researchers: a copy of PhD certificate


Online applications must be made at:  Online applications must be made until 6 p.m. on the application deadline since the system will be automatically closed at 6 p.m.

After the online application form is filled and the documents above are uploaded, the applicant must sign the printout of the form and send it to TUBITAK-BIDEB along with the documents above.

Applications not fulfilling cited conditions, lacking any of the required documents or those arriving after the deadline will not be processed.


• 1st Term : 2 March 2012
• 2nd Term : 5 October 2012

(The online application system will be open for two weeks until the deadlines.)


• Fellowships must be started within 1 year after the allocation. Otherwise, the fellowship will be cancelled.

• The fellows are monitored through study reports signed by the fellow and the coordinating scientist.


• Depending on the total duration of the grant, fellows should send a “development report” about their research every 4 months. Also, fellows must submit a “final report” at the end of the scholarship period. All reports must be signed by both the co-working scientist(s) and the fellow.

• If the development reports are delayed, the fellowship payments will be halted. If the fellow does not send development reports within 3 months from the date the payments are halted, fellowship may be cancelled by BIDEB’s Evaluation and Support Commission.

• The support received from TÜBİTAK must be clearly acknowledged in all publications concerning the study realised during the fellowship period. Copies of the publications (if any) concerning the work should also be sent to BIDEB.

• The fellow is obliged to notify BIDEB about any other financial support he/she gets from an institution other than TUBITAK within 15 days from the beginning of the support. If the fellow is supported financially by another institution, the amount of future payments is decided by BIDEB’s Evaluation and Support Commission and the fellow may have to pay back to BIDEB.

• If the fellow decides to leave before the end of the scholarship period, the fellow or his/her supervisor has to notify BIDEB 15 days prior to the departure. No payments will be made after the departure date. If any payments are made after the departure date, payback is required.

• Fellows have to pursue their studies full-time during the fellowship period. If the Fellow leaves Turkey during the fellowship period, he/she is obliged to inform TUBITAK about the dates and duration of his/her visits abroad. If the visit does not exceed two weeks in each six months of the fellowship period, full stipend is continued. Otherwise, stipend is halted during the period of absence.

If the fellow does not fulfill what caused to halt in 3 months, his/her fellowship is certainly halted by BIDEB’s Evaluation and Support Commission.

(*) Please see page

All applications for this program are based on ‘Execution Rule and Policy’ prepared with the reference of the General Practice Principles approved by the TUBITAK Science Committee.

National Fellowships Division
Research Fellowship Programme for Foreign Citizens

Duran MEŞE
Tunus Caddesi No: 80, 06100
+90 312 468 53 00- 3843

Please quote on your application when applying for this scholarship

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