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USA: Fulbright - Platinum Triangle Scholarship in Entrepreneurship


OThe Fulbright-Platinum Triangle Scholarship in Entrepreneurship is for a talented New Zealander in a knowledge economy-related field to study towards a Master's degree at an American university and to gain professional work experience in the US and in New Zealand.

One highly prestigious and competitive scholarship will be offered each year, initially for three years, to an emerging entrepreneur who shows academic excellence, leadership potential and the ability to make a real contribution to the development of New Zealand's knowledge economy, as well as be a cultural ambassador for New Zealand. The scholarship is granted for advanced academic study in the US.

Studying in the US is an opportunity to explore America, share your culture and make friends with students from around the world. The quality of teaching, facilities and resources is renowned worldwide.

If your application is not successful for this award, you may be considered for a general Fulbright New Zealand General Graduate Award or a Fulbright-MoRST Graduate Award, if you meet the criteria. It is not necessary to submit multiple applications. Two awards cannot be held concurrently.


To be eligible, you must:

have at least a four-year degree (or a three-year degree with honours), but not hold a doctoral degree at the time you take up your award
have a minimum of three years work experience in the proposed field of study
have a realistic vision of how you will aid in the development of New Zealand's knowledge economy. Implicit in this is an awareness that you would be required to return to New Zealand on completion of your degree
meet the citizenship requirements for this award

Citizenship requirements

You are eligible if you… You are not eligible if you…
are a New Zealand citizen living in any country other than the US*
are not a New Zealand citizen
are a New Zealand citizen living in the US
hold both New Zealand and US citizenship/permanent residency

* Overseas applicants unable to attend an interview in person may be disadvantaged

If you do receive an award, you must complete US immigration documentation from within New Zealand.


return airfare to the US

cost of university attendance support (fees and living costs) up to US$100,000 (over two years of study)

an internship component of up to nine months duration (three months over the summer break between academic years, and six months on completion of degree) valued at approximately US$10,000

access to employment, as well as sweat equity and venture capital contacts and equity ownership in start up companies upon return to New Zealand
basic health and accident insurance up to US$50,000

support and enrichment seminars run by the Institute of International Education (IIE) throughout your stay in the US

The cost of obtaining a degree from a US university can be as much as US$40,000 per year. The amount allocated for attendance support for this premium award ensures that applicants will be able to choose from amongst the finest academic institutions in the US.

We can assist you with identifying the right US university and your application.

Scholarship conditions

you must apply for the Fulbright-Platinum Triangle Scholarship in Entrepreneurship
should you not wish to form your own start up venture on your return to New Zealand, you may be obliged to interview with the scholarship's corporate partners, particularly those that provided internship training

you must fulfill your obligations under the internship component of this programme
you will be required to fulfill some Fulbright and US Embassy media requirements, both before departure for the US, during your study and on return to New Zealand
your award must be approved by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board in Washington DC

in keeping with US immigration requirements and the philosophy of Fulbright Programme, you will be required to return to New Zealand for a minimum of two years before applying to reside in the US

Fulbright orientation

It was Senator J William Fulbright's mission to build peace through the mutual understanding of cultures. Fulbright applicants and grantees are expected to understand and support this mission. To support this understanding, New Zealand grantees are required to attend a Fulbright orientation held each year in June in Wellington.

Application process

you must complete and submit an online application by the deadline
submit all support documents to us by the deadline
interviews will be held in Wellington in September (13 September 2006). Fulbright New Zealand will pay the costs of travel to Wellington only for applicants residing in New Zealand.

we will advise you of the outcome of your application by early October
if selected for an award, you will be required to undertake a full medical examination

You should begin by researching US business schools as soon as possible.
You should sit the GMAT or GRE exams in mid October.
Bear in mind that the closing date for applications to many US business schools is mid December.

Further information and application forms are available from Fulbright NZ's website:

Application cannot be accepted before 01/05/2010

Closing date: 01/08/2010


Please kindly mention when applying for this scholarship

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