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Japan: Tenure-Track Faculty Members to Participate in “Program to Foster Young Researchers in Cutting-Edge Interdisciplinary Research ”


Toyohashi University of Technology invites international applications for ten special-assignment faculty positions in the “Program to Foster Young Researchers in Cutting-Edge Interdisciplinary Research ”, adopted as part of the “Promotion of Independent Research Environment Improvement for Young Researchers” supported by the FY2009 budget for the promotion of science and technology.

Positions available

Ten special-assignment faculty members will be appointed (mainly tenure-track special-assignment assistant professors, but in some cases, special-assignment associate professors).

Invited research areas

This program is intended to promote interdisciplinary research in different areas: intelligent sensing chip technology (material development and the design, fabrication, and evaluation of sensors/MEMSs/LSIs) and photonic information device technology, which serve as basic electronic technologies, as well as cutting-edge areas of application (life science, medical care, agricultural science, environment science and technology, information communication, robotics, etc.). For example, interdisciplinary research on basic electronic technology and molecular biology is expected to lead to the development of biomolecular sensing technology. We wish to appoint researchers who specialize in either basic electronic technology or cutting-edge areas of application and are capable of carrying out interdisciplinary research.

Qualifications required

(1) A doctorate (i.e., Ph.D.) at the time of appointment
(2) Experience in a unique research subject in the above-mentioned research areas and the capability to produce excellent research achievements
(3) Excellent record of research achievements related to the above-mentioned research areas

Appointment period

The term of appointment will be until 31 March 2014.
Researchers may subsequently be hired as tenured faculty members (associate professors) on the basis of their research achievements and performance during their period of appointment.

Compensation, etc.

Successful applicants will receive an annual salary of approximately 5 to 7 million yen; this is determined in accordance with the working regulations for part-time faculty members and the relevant rules and regulations of the University.

They will be enrolled in the social insurance system (employees’ health insurance and employees’ pension insurance), and employment, and occupational injury insurance schemes.

No retirement allowance will be paid.


Special-assignment faculty members will mainly engage in research activities in areas of cutting-edge interdisciplinary electronics research (such as research activities based on the research plan submitted at the time of appointment, the publication of international-level research papers, and presentations at international conferences). To foster the ability of researchers to teach and lead students, opportunities to participate in educational activities, such as providing instruction in their fields of expertise and guiding graduate students, will be provided two to three years after appointment, in preparation for tenured position.

Application documents
(1) Application form (Form 1)
(2) List of the applicant’s achievements (Form 2)
(3) Reprints of the applicant’s representative papers (up to five papers, photocopies acceptable) and their summaries (approximately 200 words each)
(4) Summary of his/her past research (up to two A4 pages)
(5) Plans for carrying out cutting-edge interdisciplinary research after taking up his/her new post (up to two A4 pages)
(6) An electronic medium (CD, etc.) containing items (1) to (5) in the form of a single PDF file.
Download the application form.
Form 1
Form 2

*1 Items (1) and (2) should be prepared in the designated University format. Items (3), (4), and (5) can be prepared in the format of the applicant’s choosing.
*2 Original copies of items (1) to (5) and the electronic medium should be sent to us.
*3 Japanese details and application form are available at 「Japanese Application guidelines」(

Deadline for application

Applications must arrive no later than Friday 6 November 2009.

Application method and contact information

Application documents should be sent to the address provided below . As a rule, application documents will not be returned to the applicant after screening.

Personal information contained in the applications will be held in confidence in accordance with the Private Information Protection Law and the University’s rules and regulations. However, please be aware that, in some cases, the University will contact the applicants for additional information concerning the documents.

Mailing address and contact information
Yukiharu Ozaki
Support Section for “Program to Foster Young Researchers in Cutting-Edge Interdisciplinary Research ”
Toyohashi University of Technology

Address 1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tempaku-cho, Toyohashi, Aichi 441-8580, Japan
TEL +81-532-81-5117
FAX +81-532-44-6984
E-mail: wakate-sien[at]

Please kindly mention when appying for this position

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