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IPCC Scholarship Programme


The IPCC Scholarship Programme has been established with the funds received on the occasion of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize award to the IPCC. The first funding partner of the Programme is Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Former Norwegian Prime Minister and UN Special Envoy on Climate Change. The goal of this programme is to help strengthen the scientific and technical capability in developing countries to contribute to climate science and research and to develop and implement climate change policies and measures at the domestic and international level. It aims to provide a sound knowledge base and stimulate institutional strengthening in developing countries. Priorities will include research on climate processes, the impacts of climate change in the most vulnerable regions of the world, the potential for adaptation and mitigation, and sustainable development.

Criteria for the IPCC Scholarship Programme

Target candidates:

Graduate and post-graduate students from developing countries, especially Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS), wishing to:

- Pursue academic education and training;
- Undertake advanced research;
- Upgrade skills.

Priority attention:

• Candidates from developing countries, especially those from Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Small Island Developing States (SIDS), and the regions worst hit by droughts, floods, famine and changed patterns of precipitation

Entrance Requirements:

- University degree (BSc, MSc or PhD)
- Younger than 40 years of age

Additional qualifications:

Applicants must have exceptional merit, and have demonstrated that they possess outstanding potential to address climate change and sustainable development issues in their country.

Equal opportunity will be given to equally qualified women

Language proficiency:

Candidates must be proficient in reading, writing and speaking the language of instruction in the proposed country of study.

Fields of study:

Proposals for this round of scholarships should focus on the following fields of study:

· Underlying science of climate change
· Impacts of climate change on aquatic ecosystems, water availability, health and
· Climate-related disaster management – institutional and organizational issues (this is of
crucial importance in some of the most vulnerable societies)
· Climate modelling and assessment of impacts of climate change
· Adaptation and Mitigation options for different sectors and assessment of socioeconomic

Scholarship Amount

With a view to ensuring equitable distribution of funds, the IPCC Scholarship Programme applies standard rates for stipend and other entitlements. The applicant should submit a detailed cost estimate for the duration of the studies. For one year, the maximum cost for living expenses only should not exceed US $20,000. It is expected that host institutions will grant tuition fees; otherwise the programme will provide the tuition fees. The scholarship should cover all expenses for students carrying out their studies and research in most parts of the world for the study period. Should the proposed study programme need additional funds, other sources must be sought by the candidate to ensure completion of studies. Written confirmation issued by other funding sources will be required.

Eligibility Requirements

- Scholars should come from developing countries, and priority is given to those from least developed countries and small island developing states
- Scholars should be younger than 40 years of age
- Scholars must have completed a University Degree (the minimum requirement is a Bachelor degree)

IPCC Application Form for Scholarships should be:

· downloaded from the IPCC website (;
· duly completed;
· signed and dated;
· provided in duplicate (3 copies);

Please read the instructions carefully before completing the application form.
A clear, precise and complete answer must be given to each question.
Applicants must apply using the IPCC Application Form. Applications received in any other format (e.g. CV’s or letters) will not be considered.

Submission of Candidates’ Files

The Application Form should be completed by the following documents:

· a detailed CV including list of publications
· copies of all university degrees or diplomas
· a copy of Passport
· a copy of insurance certificate(s)
· if available and applicable, a copy of the signed invitation letter from the host institution.

The complete application file, including the Application Form and all the attachments mentioned above, should then be submitted to the IPCC in one of the two following ways:

(a) scanned and electronically sent to :
(b) or sent by post to :
IPCC Scholarship Programme
C/O World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
7bis avenue de la Paix
CH- 1211 Geneva 2

Incomplete applications, as well as candidatures that do not fulfil the requirements will be disqualified.

Application Form

Call for Proposals

To obtain more information, please email or call:

Ms Amy Smith-Aasdam
Programme Coordinator
7bis avenue de la Paix
CH- 1211 Geneva 2
Tel. +41 22 7308492
Fax +41 22 730 8025

Please kindly mention when applying for this scholarship

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