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PhD Scholarship in Statistics (English)


The National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) will accept applications for admission to Doctor of Philosophy program in Statistics (English), Academic year 2011 .

I. Qualifications of Applicants

1.1 Applicants with bachelor degrees
1.1.1 Received a bachelor degree from a local or international institution accredited by Office of the Civil Service COlrunission or the Commission on Higher Education in the areas of Mathematics, Statistics, Applied Statistics or related fields.
1.1.2 Excellent academic records
1.2 Applicants with master degrees
1.2.1 Received a master degree from a local or international institution accredited by Office of the Civil Service Commission or Commission on Higher Education in the areas of Mathematics, Statistics, Applied Statistics or related fields.
1.2.2 Excellent academic records
Applicants who graduated from abroad must provide a letter of accreditation for the
received degrees, that is issued by Commission on Higher Education. For Thai applicants, the letter can be submitted when applying for interview examination. For international applicants, the letter can be submitted after an enrolbnent to be students in the program.

NIDA reserves the rights to examine all documents and qualifications of an applicant at any time. I f it is found that an applicant does not me e t the required qualifications after an acceptance has already be en given, the announcement of acceptaI!ce shall be cancelled.

2. Selection Procedure

The selection procedure is divided into two phases.

Phase 1:
For Study pl an I (Dissertation work only), applicants who apply to study under this plan must receive master degrees. The consideration in this case will be based on scholastic records and dissertation topic proposals. For Study Plan 2 (Course work plus dissertation work), applicants who apply to study under this plan can hold either bachelor or master degrees. The consideration in this case will be based mainly on scholastic records. The applicants can also submit dissertation topic proposals for consideration.

Phase 2: The applicants who pass the selection of Phase 1 will go on to the
interview examinations.
Note : If applicants are currently enrolling in master degrees program of the School of Applied Statistics and achieve a grade point average of a t least 3.5, he or she can be accepted to continue their study at Doctoral Level. Also i f they pass comprehensive examinations for the master degrees level with good satisfactory results, they can be eligible to waive the qualifying ex.amination of the Doctoral Program upon the approval from the School's Doctoral Program Administration Conunittee.

3. Application Procedure

3.1 Application fonn can be obtained by contacting thc NIDA Education Service
Division, lit Floor, Ca r Pa rk Building, Seri Thai Road, Bangkapi District,
Bangkok 10240.

Tbe appl i c a t ion Corm c an also be downloaded Crom tbe website:
3.2 Applying in Person: Application can be made in person at Educational Service Division between 8.30 - 16.30 hrs (except government holidays).
Application fee for applying in person is 1,000 Baht.
3.3 Application can also be made vi a post by submitting the application form together with required documents, including application f e e ' s original payment slip showing the name of applicant, an envelop with 3 Baht stamp and address of the applicant. The application via post should be mailed to:
Director of Educational Service' Division, NIDA
118 Seri Th i Road
Klongchan, Bangkapi District
Bangkok 10240

Application fee for applying via post is 1,020 Baht. The payment can be made by cash transfer through Kasikom Bank. to National Institute of Development Administration, Saving Account No. 040-2-16501-6, Kasikom Bank, KJong Chan Branch.

4. Required Documents

4.1 Official transcripts of all university studies
4.2 Official TOEFL or JELTS test scores ( i f any)
4.3 Two letters of recommendation (recommendation fonn can be downloaded
from the website
4.4 Two I - inch photos taken not more than six months prior to the application
Note: The completed application form along with all required documents and the
original payment slip must be sent to NIDA within the due date. The
applicant should keep a copy of all documents sent.

5. Application Schedule

Application can be made at any time of the year. However, the application
consideration will be made twice a year during March and August as follows:
First Semester (June 2011-September 2011)
- Last day to apply to study in the fIrst semester March 4, 2011

Second Semester (November 2011- February 2012)
- Last day to apply to study in the second semester August 19,2011

Contact detail

For more information, please contact or

Please quote on your application when applying for this scholarship

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