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Princeton in Asia (PiA) Fellowship


Princeton in Asia (PiA) is an independent, non-profit organization located at Princeton University. Founded by students in 1898, the program has long been driven by a mission to foster cross-cultural understanding between Asians and Americans by giving young people opportunities to live and work in Asia. As employees of a variety of Asian institutions, PiA fellows gain work experience while providing valuable services to their Asian hosts. It is PiA’s vision that through extended exposure to Asian workplaces and cultures, fellows will develop a life-long appreciation for that region of the world.

For the 2011-2012 academic year, PiA expects to offer approximately 150 full-year fellowships in the following countries: Cambodia, China/Hong Kong, Japan, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, The Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam. New positions in other countries are always under development and may also be available. PiA offers service-oriented posts in the fields of education, journalism, international development (NGOs), and business, with a majority of fellows working as English teachers at universities and high schools.


PiA applicants are generally college seniors or recent graduates, but anyone who meets the prerequisites is welcome to apply. Please remember this is a fellowship program. Though a local salary and housing will be provided, a position with PiA generally is not a money-making venture. The emphasis of a PiA fellowship is service and cultural immersion. Working hours and vacation time varies greatly among the diverse PiA offerings. Some teaching fellowships require fewer teaching hours and provide longer vacations allowing fellows the opportunity to pursue language study or other personal projects. Teaching fellowships in Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan as well as the workplace fellowships, however, provide less vacation time and generally require longer hours.

The basic prerequisite for placement is a bachelor’s degree. In addition:

• TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) experience is required prior to departure for all English teaching positions. At least 20 hours of TEFL preparation through a short course (such as the one PiA offers at Princeton in the Spring) or volunteer tutoring will fulfill this requirement. Tutoring can be done at most universities and also through religious groups and human service organizations. Princeton University students who are not already TEFL certified are required to take the TEFL course offered through PiA in the Spring.
(You are not required to have this level of TEFL training/experience prior to applying to PiA.)

• English teaching positions require native English speaking ability. PiA recognizes that citizens of any country may have that ability, but we have occasionally had problems convincing Asian institutions of that fact.
• Asian language ability is not a prerequisite for most positions. Non-teaching positions typically require some language skills or specific academic or work experience.
• All applicants MUST be able to attend one of our interview sessions (located at Princeton in January, on the West Coast in early February, and occasionally in Chicago in early February), and those applicants who receive placement must attend the weekend orientation held May 13-16 on Princeton’s campus.


1) Application fee: $50
2) Transportation and housing expenses for trips to interviews in January or February and to Princeton, NJ in mid- May for orientation. (Housing, however, will be arranged for you during orientation.)
3) $350 contribution paid upon acceptance of a PiA posting. This contribution represents only a fraction of the total costs of arranging a fellowship. Payment is mandatory for all accepted fellows.
4) Vaccination and pre-departure health expenses.
5) Visa application fees.
6) Round-trip transportation to Asia for most positions.
7) TEFL certification course where applicable- the course offered at Princeton costs $125 and will be held April 15-17

December 1: Deadline for submission of application materials. Materials must be postmarked by this date and mailed to the PiA office (194 Nassau St., Suite 212, Princeton, NJ 08542). Those on campus must drop off application materials by 5pm on December 1, 2010. If possible, please plan ahead and include all application materials together. If you are unable to do so, please indicate which pieces will be arriving separately in your application.

Contact detail

Princeton in Asia
194 Nassau St., Suite 212
Princeton, NJ 08542
Tel: (609) 258-3657
Fax: (509) 275-1823

Further information, please visit:

Please kindly mention when applying for this scholarship

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