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Germany: Postdoctoral DAAD Scholarships, RWTHAachen University 2009

DAAD Scholarships For Dcotorate Students At RWTHAachen University – Germany 2009

Scholarship Description:
If you wish to carry out a PhD project at RWTH Aachen University, you will have to find a supervisor (Doktorvater or Doktormutter) who acts as a mentor for your project. As the International Office will not be able to assist you in finding a supervisor, we recommend that you search the RWTH websites in order to find relevant faculties and institutes in order to contact professors who might be suitable as a supervisor. It is important that you find out which specialisations are offered by the faculties and institutes to decide whether they are relevant for you.

About University:

RWTH Aachen University is one of the Institutions of Higher Education in Germany which is entitled to award doctoral degrees. The doctorate mainly consists of a research project which usually does not include taking lectures. PhD projects can be conducted in any field of study at RWTH Aachen University. The subject area chosen by the doctoral candidate is usually part of a greater context and – in the case of applied research – of relevance to industry.

RWTH Aachen University offers only very few of the so-called “structured PhD programmes”. More usually doctoral candidates pursue an independent research project under the supervision of and in close co-operation with a professor (the “Doktorvater” or “Doktormutter”). Candidates are not always enrolled as students, as they also may be employed in a full or part-time position at the university. Their primary task is to conduct a research project which will be a substantial contribution to learning in their field of study. Upon completion of the project, candidates publish the results in form of a dissertation (Doktorarbeit) which is submitted to the faculty. After acceptance of the dissertation, the candidate will have to sit an oral exam. The duration of the entire process can take up from three to five years.

Position Availability:
Holders of scholarships by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) or other national and international organisations are usually not employed at RWTH Aachen University during their doctorate, they are enrolled as postgraduate students.

Position Requirements:

-First, according to regulations of RWTH Aachen University, as a formal requirement, international graduates must have a first degree equivalent to a German university degree in order to be admitted to doctoral studies at RWTH (Master’s or equivalent). Division 2.1 of the International Office will evaluate your degree and decide whether it can be considered equivalent to a German university degree. If the degree is not fully recognized, students have the opportunity to take selected classes and sit exams related to their field of research in order to be admitted to doctoral studies at a later stage.

-Second, an RWTH professor must issue a written confirmation that he or she is willing to accept the candidate in his or her research team. A candidate may only apply for doctoral studies at RWTH Aachen University upon finding a supervising professor.

-Third, the responsible faculty has to decide whether the candidate has sufficient technical, subject-specific qualification to be accepted as a PhD student at the faculty. Therefore, prospective doctoral students have to apply for admission to the faculty in which they wish to undertake their PhD project. This application is called “Application for Recognition of your Qualification for Doctoral Study”; in German, “Antrag auf Zuerkennung der Promotionsvoraussetzungen”. Concerning your application and the necessary requirements, please contact the PhD study advisor of the faculty in question.

Position Applications:
International candidates may find a RWTH professor willing to supervise their PhD project by:

Using the contacts and following the recommendation of a professor in their home country who may have relations with RWTH Aachen University
Contacting a RWTH Aachen University professor (who is known to the candidate) by mail, fax or e-mail
Contacting the study advisor (Fachstudienberater) of the faculty you would like to join (Study Advisors)
Searching the website of RWTH Aachen University for information on the various fields of study, departments, and institutes and getting hold of contact data of the professors in charge

After having found a professor who is willing to accept you as a doctoral student, you have officially to apply for the admission to doctoral studies at the faculty in question and at the International Office of RWTH Aachen University. For every faculty, there is a co-ordinator concerned with the admission of doctoral candidates (see also: Application Process: Approval of Qualification for Doctoral Studies).

If you contact any professor, please do so in writing:
Faculties and Division

When you write to the professor, please include:
-your envisaged dissertation topic
-your CV
-copies of your certificates and diplomas
-evidence of German and English language proficiency


Please kindly mention when applying for this scholarship

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